Why the Green Bay Packers Shouldn’t Trade Jermichael Finley

Green Bay Packers eye extension with Morgan Burnett


A team with Super Bowl aspirations would be hard to justify creating such anunnecessaryhole on the roster less than a month before training camp. The compensationeven at a second-round levelsimply doesn’t make up for the creation of such a hole. Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports Finley is entering a contract season in Green Bay. A second-round pick from the Patriots would likely end up in the later portion of the round. A top-60 pick is hardly enough to miss out on Finley in a contract year, especially given the NFL ‘s compensatory-pick system. If Finley walks following the 2013 season and signs a lucrative deal in free agency, the Packers could receive up to a third-round pick in return. Very few losses actually fetch a third-rounder, but Green Bay could be confident in receiving decent compensation for Finley if he leaves in free agency. The Packers would then have somewhat simple math: A full year of a motivated Finley plus a potential mid-round compensatory pick or a late second-rounder and the loss of the offense’s third-leading receiver? For as accomplished and talented as quarterback Aaron Rodgers is, the loss of both Finley and Jennings in one offseason would be a tough pill to swallow. Jennings, who caught 425 passes for 6,537 yards and 53 touchdowns over seven seasons in Green Bay, bolted for more money with the Minnesota Vikings in free agency. The Packers are still mostly set at receiver, but Jennings leaves Green Bay as one of the game’s top route-runners and a versatile, explosive weapon. Should the Packers trade Jermichael Finley at some point before or during this season? Yes Submit Vote vote to see results Should the Packers trade Jermichael Finley at some point before or during this season? Yes 5.8% Total votes: 2,129 The Packers could count on Jennings to be effective in the slot, outside and as a vertical receiver.

Green Bay Packers fans sure to love picture of Golden Tate and replacement ref Lance Easley

Well Packers fans, you’ll be thrilled to know that Lance Easley, the replacement ref who made a mockery of the sport by giving Tate that touchdown, is now enjoying his bit of celebrity around Seattle. He even took a smiling picture signaling touchdown with Tate at Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s celebrity softball game, which he umpired. Fun, right? Lawyer Milloy took a picture and posted it to Instagram of Easley giving the TD signal with a huge smile on his face. BustedCoverage.com had many pictures from around the Internet of Easley mugging for pictures with Seahawks players and fans. We’re pretty sure Easley wasn’t invited to Donald Driver’s annual softball game in Wisconsin this year, and won’t be invited to have a bratwurst with anyone in the state anytime soon. So while Packers players, coaches and fans wonder if the worst call in NFL history cost them a chance to go further in the playoffs (could Green Bay off a bye week have beaten San Francisco at home? Atlanta in the NFC title game? Baltimore in the Super Bowl? It certainly can’t be ruled out), this guy is hamming it up with the Seahawks. Oh, and Easley is coming out with a book too, called “Making the Call.” The blown call affected Green Bay’s season, and now Easley is flaunting the mistake and cashing in on that.

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This is the small part of Lacy’s life the hurricane couldn’t wash away. Lacy almost never watches ESPN. He rarely watches football period. Arguably the best running back in college football has watched only two of his Alabama games outside of film sessions. Cartoons trump all. They extract the “real childish” kid from Gretna that Lacy misses so much. No, Katrina never stole Lacy’s love for, um… Little Quacker on “Tom and Jerry.” “I love whenever they have the little duck, that little orange duck!” Lacy says. “I love the way he sounds when he talks.” In countless ways, he’s still that kid from Gretna. Sure, he owns an Xbox, Playstation and Wii, but Lacy can still appreciate a Mario Kart marathon on oh-so-ancient Nintendo 64. He still hates onions.

Packers rookie running back Lacy has burden to carry

We Packers fans don’t tend to hate as much. Dislike an orange-and-blue-clad football team? Sure. Jokingly have anger towards the Bears? You got it.But don’t take it to hate.Detroit’s football haplessness, lots of other qualities don’t engender hateWhen it comes to the Lions…well…perhaps there’s a bit more antipathy with that whole anger thing.The guy whose leg invented the “Suh Stomp” is indeed an often-loathable character. He definitely brings his shares of boo’s from around the NFL, and certainly among NFC North opponents.Detroit, as a city, has also received its share of derision, with one of the most pain-filled, hope-lacking inner-cities in America.Why should that engender hate? In truth, it should more engender sympathy, compassion and desire for positive change instead of hatred.Plus, what have the Lions done since 1957? Made an NFC Championship Game in 1991.That’s it. And failure doesn’t tend to breed hatred from an opponent.

Packers fans shouldn’t hate Bears and Lions; just enjoy when team dominates them

Jason La Canfora (@JasonLaCanfora) July 11, 2013 Burnett was drafted in the 3rd Round with the 71st Overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft as a junior out of Georgia Tech. Thompson moved up 15 spots at the price of their 4th Round Pick (122) but it was for a player Thompson coveted. Burnett got right to work as a rookie intercepting his first interception in just his second game. Unfortunately, he tore his ACL against the Detroit Lions in Week 5 and was lost for the season. Burnett came back strong the following season, starting in all 16 games while recording 107 tackles with 3 interceptions and 11 passes deflected. While Burnett may not have created a lot of turnovers his ability to play safety positions and providing strong coverage skills and help against the run were evident. Burnett made even more progress this past season, steadily improving into an all-around safety. While Burnett saw a jump in tackles in 2012 to 123, it was his consistency and reliability that are making him a mainstay for the Packers defense. Burnett joined St.

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